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I’m retired and currently live in what is called Delmarva Peninsula. DELMARVA is comprised of costal parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, hence DELMARVA. I can now devote the time I always wanted to for Photography. I saw a thread in Fred Miranda that debated the issue if someone is a hobbyist or a professional. One individual stated that he was an “enthusiast” rather than hobbyist. He noted that an enthusiast takes it more serious that a hobbyist. I guess I can say I’m an enthusiast. What makes me an enthusiast is the love for photography and the desire to take it more serious and to establish it as a priority in my life. I have been asked many times if I intend to sell my images. I would not want to rob the pleasure and joy out of photography by turning it into a job. This is not to say I would not sell my picture, but I do not want to turn it into a 9-5 job.