I happened to go over your pictures once again. I love seeing them every time and thanks for the little time we had and lots of knowledge you imparted on us. Waiting to see more pictures and excite us again.
Fred Schiding(non-registered)
Bill, Great shots, looks like you had a great time in India
Marcy Gorton(non-registered)
Love all of your pictures. They are amazing!
Bill... we definitely need to get out and shoot more. Your pics are outstanding. Kim was convinced you had been making "doughnut runs" all those years. Now we know.
Carolyn Trout(non-registered)
Very nice work Bill.
Denise Wachter Jones(non-registered)
I really like the website. I am working on mine but first I have to pull my old one down ... time to show just the best of the best and NEW stuff! Keep shooting Bill ... you will have a new job before long!! LOL
Photography by Sue Eberhart
It is so fun to see your work here. Your Arches images are out of this world.
Donna Ward(non-registered)
Great job on these awesome pictures!!! I think my favorite is the barn and the sunrises! Where's the one at the boardwalk where you tried something new and the boards kinda when out on a angle? I really liked that too but didn't see it in here. Keep up the good work!
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